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Rates, Insurance and Client Responsibilities

Rates, Insurance, Client Responsibilities

Client Responsibilities:

All payments are due upon date of receipt of services; unless arrangements have been made to cover the cost of services. 


  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure that their insurance is active for mental health covered services on the date and time services are rendered or client will assume and be required to pay directly for services out of pocket. 


  • It is the client's responsibility to obtain reimbursement from their insurance carrier. If you have questions about this process, please contact us 209-954-1311.

You may want to consider the risks and benefits of using health insurance for therapy. Although health insurance can help pay for therapy, insurance claims are not confidential.


Your medical history is part of an ongoing record that may be used to determine rates for health or life insurance, and/or your credit worthiness.

Cancellation Policy:  We require a 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment.  If a 24 hour notice is not received, you will be charge your full session fee or a cancellation fee.

Insurance: We currently accept:

  • HEALTH PLAN OF SAN JOAQUIN insured clients

  • If you are currently a Veteran, Beneficiary, or are currently serving, Thank you for your service. Please contact us that we may advise you of your options for services.  Note: Prior approval may be required.  We can help you through this process.

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), Health Services Account (HSA) programs.  We accept credit cards specific to these accounts that cover mental health services.  We also can provide receipts for employee reimbursements if needed. If so, you will pay for your sessions and we will provide you with a billing statement that you can submit to your insurance company or employer for reimbursement

  • We also provide services and support for Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), financial pre-authorizations are required prior to the date of services.  Contact your HR department to find out if these services are covered

  • If we do not currently accept your health insurance, many insurance companies will allow you to be seen by an out-of-network provider. Contact your insurance provider to determine if they will accept Quail Lakes Community Counseling as an out-of-network provider. If so, it is up to you to obtain approval.  In some cases, you will pay for your sessions and we will provide you with a billing statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Please contact our office for the most up to date information. 209-954-1311

Contact us to schedule today

Please call 209-954-1311 or email us for an individual, couples or family therapy appointment today.


  • Private Pay rates start at $130 per 1-hour session.


Call us for your specific rate at 209-954-1311

  • Court Ordered Anger Management is $100.00 per 1 Hour session, plus a one-time $50.00 Book fee (may be required)

  • Payment:  Cash and all major credit cards accepted for payment

  • Fees For Services: Insurance, Pre-Authorizations, and Single Case Agreements Insurance:  Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan


Only credentialed therapists can see specific insurance carriers, ask the office managers for specific details at 209-954-1311.

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